Coffee & Pi

Who We Are

Coffee & π, is a family-owned business aiming to serve customed brew coffee and signature drinks among other things to this local community. Our menu includes breakfast options with customizable bagels and bakery items, freshly prepared focaccia sandwiches and salads for lunch as well as a great selection of Greek pies accommodating everyone’s preferences. Our mission is to provide a variety of tastes and smells from local and international markets and display them in our cozy and welcoming location for everyone to try. This will ensure accessibility for all of you to a variety of food and drink options gathered in just one place.  look forward to be part of this welcoming community and share with you what we love doing the most.

Served on Bagel or Croissant

Add Ons: Egg ($1.25), Bacon|Ham|Turkey ($1.75), Avocado ($2.00)

Add protein: avocado ($2.0), chicken($3.0)